Guilt, Grace and Paying our Debts

September 8, 2019

“Guilt, Grace and Paying our Debts”

Matthew 6:14, 15; Matthew 18: 23 – 35
I.  Two inferences in the parable in Matthew 18:
  1. To the unforgiven and the unforgiving, God will be like a debt collector.
  2. B. The unforgiven and unforgiving person is a person plagued with guilt and resentments.


II.  Two major factors at the root cause of most emotional problems:

  1. The failure to understand unconditional grace and forgiveness.
  2. The failure to accept and receive God’s grace.


III. Four tests of forgiveness:

  1. The Resentment test.
  2. The Responsibility test.
  3. The Reminder test, Reaction test.
  4. The Redemption test.