Have you ever wanted to share your salvation story? Do you have an interest in winning people to Christ? We encourage you to think and pray about signing up for EE training.
Evangelism Explosion (EE) is a Christian evangelistic program. It has been called “perhaps the best known and most widely used evangelistic training curriculum in church history.   If you would like to know more about EE, please fill out the form below and we would be glad to schedule an appointment with you to answer any questions you may have.
For over 50 years church leaders and lay people have been equipped to share their faith in Christ through Classic EE. Classic EE is the trusted and time-tested method first introduced at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in the 1970s. Through classroom lessons, homework and practical on-the-job training, this evangelism ministry changes individual lives and often the life of the church.
Through the years, men and women in the US and around the world have learned to effectively share the gospel in a concise and logical manner, using many illustrations and scripture references. They, in turn, are equipped to become trainers, assisting others in learning how to do the same – the all-important process of multiplication in action.
Line upon line, trainees gradually learn how to present the Gospel convincingly as they observe their trainer in a real life sharing situation. Experience builds confidence. By the end of the training, each trainee is able to share the whole Gospel presentation.
While you may simply purchase the materials and implement the ministry, we encourage you to consider an EE leadership training clinic as the first step. Send your pastor and lay leaders to learn from one of our seasoned Clinic Teachers and get this certification. They will be ready to take your laypeople and turn them into motivated witnesses, not just during the training, but as they serve in other areas of ministry and in their everyday lives.
Pastors have reported great growth as a result of implementing Classic EE – both in the depth of personal Biblical knowledge and understanding of their congregations, as well as in numbers of new converts being brought to church by those trained to share their faith.