Hurts & Roots, Soils & Souls

Hurts & Roots, Soils & Souls

August 18, 2019

Matthew 13: 18 – 23


“Everybody has a problem, is a problem, or has to live with a problem.” – Sam Shoemaker


Three sad pictures of crop failure:

Seed fell along the path and were trodden under foot. The evil one, Satan is blamed for the failure.

The seeds were planted, took root but weeds choked their growth. I John 2:16

The plants had no roots in themselves. Matthew 13:21


Inner roots:

Our inner roots come from the inner world of our previous experiences.

We are all influenced by the inner roots of our own personal auto-biography

There are many people that almost have inner roots that make it impossible to provide the soil where good seed can grow and bring forth much fruit.


The problem of infirmities:

Somewhere between our sins and our diseases and our sicknesses, there lies an area the Bible calls infirmities.

Just below our protected bark is our protected mask and defense is the record of our life.

The confusion in dealing with people:

We give people the mistaken idea that the new birth and being filled with the Spirit is going to take care of emotional hang-ups.

A crisis experience with Christ is not a quickie cure to complex and personality problems.

It is impossible to determine how Christian a person is merely on the basis of his outward behavior.


Operation Pull-up:

In our individual personalities the wheat and the weeds are sown awfully close together.

There are areas of our lives that need special healing by the Holy Spirit.


Proper understanding will save us from two extremes:

The extreme of seeing everything as demons.

The over simplistic pat-answer syndrome.