Prayer Request

Anonymous, August 4, 2022 - 3:52 pm

I am asking for prayers with a heavy heart, very heavy heart. Please pray in agreement with me that God will destroy the desire in Tim’s heart for any other woman. Any communication, physical contact, desire for intimacy, sexual sin & unfaithfulness be severed & destroyed & cast away from Tim, in Jesus name. Please pray that God will replace the desires for those things with a desire for me, his wife & that God will restore to us all that satan has taken away. Please pray that OUR communication be restored & that the strongholds that are interfering, blocking, hindering be severed & rendered powerless & blocked immediately.

Please pray that God will destroy Tim’s love of money, material things, & selfishness & change his heart to do what is pleasing in God’s sight. Pray that God will remove all bitterness, anger, resentment, & unforgiveness in Tim’s heart towards me & allow me to reconcile in Jesus Name. Please pray that God be speaking so loudly & sternly to him & that God will transform Tim’s heart, mind, & spirit. That his anger be turned to self-control, bitterness changed to softness, unforgiveness be changed to forgiveness, hardness of heart be changed to heart of the flesh. Please pray for God to move in Tim like never before. Speak louder than ever before.

Pray that God will severe, destroy, remove, bind up & cast out every person, place, thing that is encouraging sin in Tim’s life. That God will place a Godly man in his path to speak the truth. That the blindness be lifted from his eyes, & the chains of captivity be broken & Tim finally be free. Pray that God will work in ALL the prodigals & standers lives to change their hearts for Him & each other.

Satan is hard at work destroying marriages & families every day. My heart goes out to all who are enduring this same pain. My prayers will continue to go up! I can’t wait until the day of victory comes for all prodigals to be set free. I will fall on my face rejoicing when I see my husband set free. ALL the praise & glory be to God.