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Soccer Schedule is now available

Soccer Schedule is now available!

2020 Grace Sports Soccer Schedule

(as of 2-26-2020)


Tuesday, March 3

6:00 pm Solomon’s vs Noah’s
7:00 pm John’s vs Gabriel’s


Tuesday, March 10

6:00 pm Stephen’s vs David’s
7:00 pm Nathan’s vs Paul’s


Saturday, March 14
9:30 am John’s vs Paul’s
10:30 am Solomon’s vs David’s
11:30 am Noah’s vs Gabriel’s
12:30 pm Nathan’s vs Stephen’s


Tuesday, March 17

6:00 pm John’s vs Solomon’s
7:00 pm Noah’s vs Paul’s


Saturday, March 21

9:30 am Paul’s vs Stephen’s
10:30 am Gabriel’s vs David’s
11:30 am Noah’s vs John’s
12:30 pm Nathan’s vs Solomon’s


Tuesday, March 24

6:00 pm Nathan’s vs David’s
7:00 pm Stephen’s vs Gabriel’s


Saturday, March 28

9:30 am Nathan’s vs Gabriel’s
10:30 am David’s vs Noah’s
11:30 am Paul’s vs Solomon’s
12:30 pm Stephen’s vs John’s


Tuesday, March 31

6:00 pm John’s vs David’s
7:00 pm Noah’s vs Nathan’s


Tuesday, April 14

6:00 pm Paul’s vs  Gabriel’s
7:00 pm Solomon’s vs Stephen’s

Saturday, April 18

9:30 am Gabriel’s Paul’s vs Solomon’s
10:45 am David’s vs. Paul’s
12:00pm John’s vs. Nathan’s
12:30 pm Stephen’s vs. Noah’s


John’s Kickers
Coach: Craig Kidd Burnt Orange/Blue
Paul’s Passers
Coach: Michael Campbell Royal Blue/Yellow
Noah’s Netters
Coach: Will Jones Gold/Black
Nathan’s Keepers
Coaches: Nate & Erin Clouse Green/White
Stephen’s Strikers
Coach: Brad Stephens Red/Grey
Gabriel’s Goalies
Coach: Megan Fields Grey/Red
David’s Dribblers
Coach: Brittney Hill Orange/Blue
Solomon’s Sweepers
Coaches: Brett & Amber Bowman Black/Green


We also offer a wide variety of activities including motorcycle riding, cooking classes, our own version of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, photography classes, women’s wellness and exercise classes, sports, genealogy classes, traveling to fun places and much more. People can share their gifts and interests with others through our activities and also learn more about the other people who attend here. Too many times we sit next to someone that we don’t have the time to learn about during a church service. Sharing an activity together gives people an opportunity to share their stories and likes. This is also a great way to share in the talents you or others have. We like to offer many of our activities to the public so they can learn a little more about Grace On The Hill.
Grace on the Hill also has a walking track and workout room that is made available to the public. The walking track and workout room is open Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm and Friday 9am – 12pm.
Grace Sports offers Community Sports Leagues that give children a chance to experience activities with less pressure to win and give them a Christian environment in which to learn. We use a Christian message at half-time to reach them and the listening adults in the audience. This is a great ministry to be involved in even if you don’t have children. You have the options to register online or download the application.