April 2019

Were You There?

February 2019

Everything We Need


February 2019

The One Basis for Family – Marriage

December 2018

The Gift Worth Receiving


The Gift Worth Waiting For

The Gift Worth Giving

November 2018

Leaving a Legacy

October 2018

Let the Church Move Out

Let the Laity Move Up

Let the Pastor Move Over

Let God’s Spirit Move In

September 2018

Why Funerals

Why Weddings?


Why Baptism


Why Communion

August 2018

Why Church Attendance


November 2017

Making the Most of What You Have

Experiencing the Joy of Generosity

Keeping Possessions in Perspective

Maintaining a Healthy Ambition

November 2017

The Trustworthy Test Part 2

The Trustworthy Test Part 1

Does God Think I’m Trustworthy?

October 2017

The Key to Successful Living is Trusting God